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Take a look at my online portfolio to get a better idea of the kind of work I do. You will find examples of my work on various clients as well as looks ranging from subtle daytime makeup to dramatic and bold nighttime beauty. Do you have an idea of a look you want? I can make your vision a true reality. Get in touch with me today.



The following is my collection of Bridal projects. For more examples, I provide before and after images so that you can get an idea of the subtlety of my style. Through my work, I’m participating in the creation of eternal memories. Check out some of my work in Bridal styles.



This classic Beauty look is meant to exude style in its purest form. For a long time, human beings from nearly every society on earth have been using earthly elements in order to make their skin more dazzling. In this portfolio, I feature the classic elements of makeup theory applied to my work, such as color theory and anatomy.